Adam Spencer

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Adam Spencer


Initiative and perseverance – Strikers taught me that there's always time to get better as a player and develop as a person. I spent time at every "team level" in my age group from the lowest skill level to the highest – but the hard work I put in with the help of the Strikers coaches and trainers elevated me every year I played. I was taught how to be a leader and how showing initiative to lead was rewarded with trust from coaches and teammates alike.

Some of the strongest friendships of my life were forged at Strikers and I still maintain those today. Spending time with my teammates on nearly a daily basis and going through ups and downs were both critical in forming friendships and trust – thus making for a stronger team environment and what were some of the most fun and enjoyable times I can remember. I still look back with fondness on relationships with my teammates and coaches who I still remain in contact with now.

I did not continue to pursue soccer after my time with Strikers and graduating high school. I decided it was time to move on due to the timing in my life, however I often think about it as being something I'd have liked to do. I still play every now and then in pickup leagues here and there and in the high school alumni game whenever possible.

I spent a handful of years coaching with Strikers as well – working with footskills and also assisting Bill Andrews with goalkeeper training when needed. As a coach, it was great to see the fundamental qualities that I experienced were still intact 10 years after I played at Strikers.

– Adam Spencer