David Gorniak

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

David Gorniak

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Being able to be apart of a team and coaching staff that wanted to help me improve as a player both on and off the field! We all held each other accountable at practice and in the games, and emphasized going hard at practice so when it was game we were more than prepared to showcase what he had learned.

Playing with Strikers allowed me the opportunity to play soccer with my friends from school or schools near me. It’s amazing to still have those connections remain and it’s always good times reminiscing about our time spent playing with Strikers!

Strikers developed me further— not only as a soccer player but also as a young adult. The values that Strikers reinforced, like having good sportsmanship, created a team atmosphere that we all called family! 

Strikers kickstarted my youth career as a player and prepared me for the transition I made to play for the Chicago Fire Academy! I don’t think I would have been apart of the Chicago Fire Academy if I didn’t learn and grow as much as I did at Strikers!

– David Gorniak