KK Barr

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

KK Barr

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At Strikers, hard work and perseverance will pay off. All of the extra practices, core, runs, etc. always were worth the extra effort. It taught me that you get out what you put in to everything you do. This helped me in college soccer, academically and through my career.

The biggest impact Strikers had on me were the relationships I made with my teammates and coaches. I met one of my best friends through this club and I had the honor of standing in her wedding and she will be returning the favor for me in a few short months. Also, the mentorship that I have received and continue receiving from the Winslow coaches continue to impact my life.

I played competitively in the Big 10 all four years of college. While I was getting my doctorate, I took a step back from soccer. But now I get to play for fun on an intramural team in Chicago, and I even get to play with my sister (another Strikers alumnus).

When I started at Strikers after a cross-country move in high school, I had lost the love of the game and did not think I could play in college. Ultimately, Strikers helped me find my passion again and geared me towards competing at the highest possible level.

– KK Barr