Matt Soper

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Matt Soper

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The biggest impact on me from Strikers were the memories of all the practices, games, tournaments, coaches and friendship with teammates who we are still friends 30 years later!

I played at Marquette University. My best memories were the early years from U8-U13 and winning the state cup our U13 year! We had at least 7 D1 players on our team and a couple D2, D3 and junior college players, plus Mike Magee for a year.

Coach Feulner is awesome – and although I'm sure the Club has grown, when I think of Strikers I think of Coach Fuelner. He helped us out over the years as his son, Matt, was on our team. Coach Bennett and Coach Boland were the coaches that taught us the game and developed our skills. They took us to Burger King and Chuck E. Cheese after tournament wins which still brings back great memories. Winning the State Cup was amazing!

– Matt Soper