Alison Chesterfield

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Alison Chesterfield


The character traits that I developed at Strikers begins with confidence in communication – being able to communicate effectively both on and off the soccer field. I also developed a strong work ethic. I learned that if you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to work for it.

The sense of community and family at Strikers had a big impact on me. Every coach and administrator made it a point to get to know every player and their families. You could tell how much everyone cared about each other at the club and how much they wanted every player to succeed in all aspects of life. Having that many coaches supporting your dreams and wanting to help develop you into the best player possible was key to me being able to continue my soccer career into college and beyond.

I played at Strikers for 12 years, and I loved it. I have so many fond memories from my experiences with the club. Some of my favorites were our team trip to England, traveling to tournaments in team vans, coaching the Little Strikers winter clinics (I still have one of the drawings a little girl made me as a thank you for coaching her), 6am winter indoor goalkeeper training, the club picnics at the start of every year, working at the front desk in high school, and of course playing a high level of soccer with a great group of girls!

After Strikers, I played D2 soccer at Ferris State University for 4 years. I did my coaching grad assistantship at the University of Indianapolis for 2 years. I now work as an assistant and goalkeeper coach for Bowling Green State University’s women’s soccer team.

Strikers Fox Valley fostered my love for the game from a very early age. My coaches encouraged me to continue my soccer career into college, and developed me into a player that could compete at the highest level. That love for the game and collegiate soccer experience are what have propelled me into pursuing a career in coaching!

– Alison Chesterfield