Developmental Rec

Come join us and experience a safe and fun environment for learning the game of soccer! Strikers offers specialized programs for all ages, beginning from the age of 2, where children can grow and develop to at their own pace, based on their skills and age, participating in our various age-appropriate programs. 

Starting with the Developmental Rec Program, your little one can enjoy soccer as a fun game to play with a parent, while also beginning to develop some basic skills needed for game play with other children. Our professional staff leads each child onto their own path for success, learning a strong foundation and developing soccer skills that best match and increase his or her ability.

Details About the Program

  • Entry level program, starting at age 2 through 6 years old. 
  • Designed to teach the basics of the game in a fun and structured way.
  • Children are encouraged to engage in activities that develop their ability to make decisions. 
  • Every participant has a chance to experience different levels of competition and to strive to achieve their personal best while playing soccer.

2 to 3 years:

  • Children are introduced to the basic elements of soccer, with  parent participation. 
  • The coach runs exercises that engages both parent and children in fun activities in soccer. 
  • Participants will have a chance to work on passing, dribbling and scoring goals in many ways to explore their talent and teamwork.

3 to 4 years:

  • Children progress from the basic elements of soccer and are introduced to player cooperation and participation through fun games and exercises. 
  • Participants have a chance to explore different shapes and tasks in soccer, and start to engage in activities involving attacking and defending principles in soccer. 
  • Real game situations are encouraged as well as work in small groups.

4 to 6 years:

  • In this most fun and engaging part of our program, players explore their knowledge in the game and translate it to solve scenarios often presented in a real soccer game. 
  • Players learn different techniques to dribble the soccer ball as well as learn how to start making decisions during the game, based on scenarios presented by the coach. 
  • Many games are used to develop decision-making process when defending a goal and also creating opportunities to score goals in a team environment.
  • Starting at age 6, participants are encouraged to explore our next-level offerings with the Center of Excellence and Club programs. 

7 to 10 years:

  • Class designed for both first-time players interested in learning about and playing soccer as well as for players who have some experience with the game. 
  • Children are introduced to training sets and encouraged to play in small groups to maximize the number of touches on the ball per session. 
  • Conditioning component is included as part of this process, using small groups.
  • The concept of “rondos” is included to teach how to pass the ball accurately between players. 
  • Players are encouraged to participate in games and will have a chance to be directly involved with our next-level players at the Center of Excellence and Club level programs.