Maggie Hoscheit-Robinson

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Maggie Hoscheit-Robinson

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Strikers helped to teach me discipline, consistency, and the importance of teamwork. These traits helped lead to success in college, graduate school and beyond. The importance of teamwork translates every single day in the professional world, and learning that lesson at a young age has proven to be invaluable.

In my years spent at Strikers, I was fortunate to play on a team full of very talented girls, which made every game and practice a challenge in the best way. I was able to learn and train alongside girls who had more skills and talent than I did, and was constantly motivated to become a better player and teammate. This continued desire to improve has translated to every aspect of my life and has led to success in many different ways.

I was also fortunate to play for several coaches who I learned to greatly respect. This respect and admiration for those who are well-versed in their line of work has led me to respect and foster relationships with several mentors in my career, which has been so beneficial.

After Strikers, I went on to play DIII college soccer at Augustana College. Due to the high level of training and competition during my years at Strikers, I felt more than prepared for playing at the college level and was able to earn playing time each year. During the summers in college, playing with the U23 Strikers team was also very helpful in keeping up training and skills in the off-season, while playing against players of all collegiate levels in the area.

– Maggie Hoscheit-Robinson