Michaela Ann Loebel

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Michaela Ann Loebel


Learning how to compete and have fun at the same time. Valuing a healthy team culture, and teamwork makes the dream work! I've played for Strikers since U8 up till leaving for college. The early years our team was under Coach Ward we had a really strong bond and we played together for a number of years.

A mix of that challenge, having a coach that believed in all of our abilities, and a team that enjoyed hanging out was really special. I loved the Strikers picnics, they were always fun playing scrimmages after team photos.

I continued playing soccer after Strikers in college, and then professionally for a season, as well as casually. Strikers fostered a healthy relationship with the sport, I felt less pressure to win and more enjoyment to learn and grow through my years at Strikers. And most importantly have fun.

– Michaela Ann Loebel