Ryleigh Strubler

The Impact of Strikers on the Lives of Our Alumni

Ryleigh Strubler

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I played at Strikers throughout my middle school and high school years (2012-2018). I then got introduced to Aurora University’s head soccer coach, Ryan Lakin, at a Strikers college showcase. I went on to play for Aurora University Men’s Soccer team for the next five years. Although throughout my college soccer career was hindered by injuries, this experience helped me to discover my passion for fitness. I studied how I could become stronger, faster, and more injury resilient during my pursuit of an exercise science degree.

I then returned to Strikers in 2022 to complete my senior year internship, training under Anne Poulin, the Director of Wellness and Fitness. Taking all I had learned from Strikers with me, I headed into my final year playing for the Aurora University Spartans. We ended up winning the NACC Conference Championship and the NACC Conference Tournament! Now I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I work to help others do what they love pain-free! I still love to play soccer and I especially like to work with other athletes! The mental toughness I developed at Strikers has been pivotal to my growth, and my experience there has helped me get to where I am today.

– Ryleigh Strubler